Electrotherapy (Body)

Providing the very latest generation in medicalaesthetic solutions, the Efficy machine delivers a comprehensive range of non-invasive and incredibly results driven face and body treatments, combining three cutting edge technologies: Digital Mono-Polar Radio Frequency, Digital Transdermal Induction and Advanced Push-Pull Vacuum Suction.

Personalised treatment programs are designed to suit your needs following a thorough consultation. Efficy treatments are performed using Germaine De Capuccini’s clinically advanced Synergyage professional product range.

To achieve the ultimate results, a course of “ Efficy Advanced” treatments of between 3-10 is recommended. Then Efficy “Continued Care” treatments are provided as a maintenance option following your course. All treatments include a personalised 15 minute consultation.

Bust Firming £45 (45 minutes)

Increasing oxygenation and nutrition whilst boosting collagen production, this treatment uses Radio Frequency to repair deteriorated skin tissue caused by ageing, pregnancy and sun damage.

Post natal Recovery £45 (45 minutes)

Accelerating repair and regeneration of the skins tissues this treatment is ideal from 6 weeks after natural birth or 6 months after a caesarean, improving the tone and suppleness of the skin, reducing volume and facilitating the drainage of liquids.

Lipo Reducing £60 (60 minutes)

Want to reduce stubborn fatty tissue and cellulite? Then this is the treatment for you. Using Radio Frequency and concentrated ingredients to stimulate and breakdown fat whilst stimulating collagen production. Advanced Vacuum therapy is then used to help eliminate fibrotic tissue that appears in cellulite.

Firming £60 (60 minutes)

A tightening and toning treatment aimed at improving the suppleness of the skin using Radio Frequency. Ideal for problem areas that lack firmness such as the arms, abdomen, buttocks or thighs. Production of new collagen and the shortening of collagen fibres gives an immediate effect with long term results.

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