Body Exfoliation & Wrap Treatments

Pure C £28 (30 minutes)

Packed full of Vitamin C, with extraordinary beneficial effects on the skin, this body exfoliation gently polishes the skin, revitalising the tone whilst hydrating leaving it smooth and clear.

Sperience Chocolate Sensation £55 (60 minutes)

Full body chocolate scrub and wrap

A delicious chocolate therapy with zero calories!This deeply hydrating and nourishingtherapy begins with a stimulating chocolate body scrub to buff away dead skin cells beforeadeeply warming full body chocolate envelopment with a rich, sensual aroma. The treatment concludes with a light, refreshing massage toreinvigorate the body and leave you full of vitality.

Crystal Harmony £55.50 (60 minutes)

An exfoliating full body massage with precious stones

An exquisite massage medium containing extracts of Diamond, Rhodocrosite and Malachite is combined with a gentle exfoliation powder enriched with Amethyst, Sapphire and Ruby producing a luxurious mousse thatrenews the skin and energises the body. A collection of semi-precious minerals, whose chromatic tone corresponds with 7 chakra points on the body are used for a highly relaxing holistic massage.

Image Purifying Back Treatment £60 (60 minutes)

Breakouts aren’t limited to the skin on your face. This clinical treatment combines fruit enzymes, beta hydroxy acids, and powerful anti-inflammatory botanicals to eliminate stubborn and often embarrassing back acne. This clinical treatment combines chemical and mechanical exfoliation with antibacterial salicylic acid and anti-inflammatory botanicals to heal breakouts on the back.

Timexpert C+ Face & Body Envelopment £60 (90 minutes)

Enriched with pure Vitamin C and Ume extract

An energising face and body treatment whichbeginswith an enzyme exfoliation enriched with Vitamin C, lemon and papaya extract. A collagen boosting, vitamin enriched body wrap is then applied whilst you are treated with an advanced anti-glycation facial.Utilising the benefits of Ume extract, this facial fights against the damaged elastin and collagen fibres caused by sugar. Additional Vitamin C offers a powerful antioxidant, protector and firmer, offering the skin a fresh, healthy glow.

Phytocare Baobab Ritual £60 (60 minutes)

An energising full body massage & exfoliation

Using ethically sourced Baobab seed oil, this African-inspired full body massage promises an invigorating, stress-reducing experience. The blend of natural oils provides anti-inflammatory benefits, a reduction in stretch marks and increased skin elasticity, making it the ideal pregnancy body treatment.

  • Anti-inflammatory, nourishing, and hydrating benefits.
  • Revitalise the hair and sooth the scalp.
  • Full body exfoliation to remove dead cells

With added Baobab Scalp Massage – 90 minutes                                                 £90.00

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