Massage Therapies

Sperience Elements Massage £FROM 30.50

A Feng Shui inspired full body massage

Based on traditional Chinese philosophy, our Sperience Elements massage is specifically catered for you by matching one of our 5 active oils to your zodiac sign. During this sensual massage, your therapist will relieve tension and negative energy throughout your body.

30 minutes                                 £30.50

60 minutes                                 £50.50

90 minutes (inc. face & scalp)   £70.00

Deep Tissue Massage £From 35.50

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle using a slower, firmer pressure to relieve tension and aching muscles, alleviating stress.

30 minutes                                                    £35.50

60 minutes                                                    £55.50

90 minutes (Inc. face & scalp)                      £75.00

Hot Stone Massage £FROM 35.50

A deeply relaxing massage which helps warm up tight muscles so they can be worked on more deeply. Please note we do not use placement stones when carrying out this treatment!

30 minutes                                     £35.50

60 minutes                                     £55.50

90 minutes (inc. face & scalp)       £75.00

Indian Head Massage £35 (45-60 minutes)

Established in India and used for thousands of years on a regular basis, Indian Head massage is an Ayurvedic method of relaxation and healing. It relives stress and tension in the shoulders, neck, arms, face and head helping to combat the symptoms of insomnia and headaches.

Reiki by Sarah £40 (45-60 minutes)

Reiki is a complementary therapy; this Japanese technique promotes healing and is translated as ‘universal life force energy’. Anything can be treated, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Pregnancy Massage £55.50 (60 minutes)

Ideal for the 2nd trimester and later, this massage will help to soothe acing muscles, relieve water retention and keep the skin soft and supple.

Mediterranean Candle Massage £60 (60 minutes)

A warming full body massage

Choose one of our Mediterranean inspired massage candles; Lavender, Olive or Citrus which will be burned while you enjoy a relaxing pinda massage. The warm oil from the candle is then poured over the body for a prolonged body massage, using deep and soothing movements. This indulgent massage will ease tension whilst natural antioxidants will hydrate and nourish the skin.

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