Men’s Treatments

For Men Cinnamon Body Massage £FROM 35.50

Relieves tension in the muscles

This deep tissue massage uses a unique massage balm infused with cinnamon essential oil to reduce any tension in the body whilst increasing circulation. The skin is also nourished and hydrated

30 minutes                                        £35.50

60 minutes                                        £55.50

90 minutes (inc. face & scalp)          £75.00

Men’s Grooming £FROM 19.50

Executive Manicure                                                                                     £19.50

Executive Pedicure                                                                                      £25.50

Chest Wax                                                                                                   £23.50

Back Wax                                                                                                     £23.50

Chest & Back Wax                                                                                       £33.50

For Men Energy Facial £55.50 (60 minutes)

Relaxing, healing and energising facial

A treatment designed specifically to meet the needs of men’s skin. Infused with a blend of plant extracts and vitamins, this facial therapy is not only relaxing, but also rejuvenates the skin,often irritated by the daily ritual of shaving.

A course of 7 treatments                                                                              £333.00

CACI Gentleman’s Facial £65 (60 minutes)

The Gentleman’s Facial deeply cleanses and refreshes your complexion whilst removing dull, dead cells and boosting cell regeneration. The Gentleman’s Facial targets razor bumps, in-growing hairs and skin impurities, the treatment concludes with a non-invasive procedure to tighten and firm facial muscles resulting in a youthful, well-defined chiseled jaw line.

Time for Men £75 (90 minutes)

A Face and Body treatment to re-energize! Based on a cocktail of plant extracts and vitamins, this therapy has been designed to specifically meet the needs of men’s skin, often irritated by the daily ritual of shaving. This facial therapy is combined with a 30 minute relaxing ‘Chi-Zen’ pressure point back massage, the perfect way to unwind!

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