LED Phototherapy Therapy £FROM 40 (30 minutes)

LED Phototherapy is extremely beneficial to all skin types, as skin ages or tissue is damaged, cells struggle to renew themselves. The skin can absorb certain wavelengths of light and kick start cellular processes, with only 3 wavelengths being clinically proven to be beneficial to this process. Below lists the benefits of LED Phototherapy on the skin:

Red Light:

Increases- *Collagen production/ *Hydration/ *Cellular production to repair damaged skin

Improves- *Skin tone & texture/ *Circulation

Reduces- *Fine lines

Blue Light:

Kills bacteria & calms, targeting acne & problematic skin

Treatment add on: 10 mins- £20

Full treatment (cleanse & tone, 20 minutes LED & moisturise): 30 mins- £40

Course of 6- 30 minute sessions- £200

Course of 12- 30 minute sessions- £400



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